Balls in the life of the Karelians

 August 10, 2017 – 02:30 pm
In the last article, the store Color - it, where you can buy goods for the holiday , said that for the first time wholesale balls began to be mentioned in the twelfth century. Karelians actively used them in everyday life. It was difficult to find a family that did not have its own ball. They were used as a cargo carrier. Flew with their help to hunt. There was a very developed air communication between the settlements, which was very convenient at that time, as it was difficult to get to the right place in the off-road conditions to simply transfer the note. The balls were filled with supposedly swamp gas, but they had a major flaw, the ball could just explode. It is said that because of such spheres many settlements have disappeared. And we still have some legends to believe or not, everyone decides for himself. With us you can quickly and without shopping trips prepare for any holiday, buy souvenirs , New Year's toys,Wholesale wholesale , candles, garlands, Christmas trees wholesale and much more.

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