The second version of the appearance of the first valentine

 August 10, 2017 – 02:19 pm
In the last article the store Color -it is all for the holiday , told the first version of the advent of valentines. But it is far from the last. Another version is that the oldest valentine was found in one of the libraries in London. This note was written in 1477. In her, a young lady asks the young man to prove his love for her. In the letter, she writes that she will achieve that her mother increases her dowry and he marries her. In the thirties the library bought a letter from a British family, but it was found only recently by a new employee of the library. What kind of valentine was the first one to guess. With us you will find not only a huge assortment of valentines, but also wholesale candles , Christmas toys, balls, caps, Christmas trees wholesale and other goods for the holiday .

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