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 August 10, 2017 – 08:51 pm

Most of the time a team. I work a lot on the Internet, and for a site or application, the design of a project is a real team effort. You always start with a creative and functional brief, to summarize needs. To meet these needs, each profession brings its expertise and the project takes shape. In the case of a website, the design is just one component of its focus from marketing,

production, development, or any other person who would have a say in the production.

What is a good graphic for you?

NG: This is not an artist. By definition, an artist has no constraint. However, the graphic

of modern times is surrounded by constraints. A good designer will be able to accommodate all the constraints being creative. In this case, creativity is not a goal in itself, it is a solution to problems.

After the clips, what are your other projects? A movie?

NG: The Dream ... No, I think I'm about to attack me in a web series. I'm a fan of this style of entertainment, and I have ideas running through my head


Company Profile
We operate in the field of web designers, graphic advertising and publishing, with particular interest in the development of Internet services and the creation and production of new formats editorial / multimedia.

South East Sardinia Sas
An Internet Solution Company are young, thus combining experience and technical / administrative and commercial sectors: Web, Graphic Design, Publishing.

South East Sardinia Sas manufactures products Digital Design innovative, original and technically advanced.

Our strength lies in putting together heterogeneous workgroups: experts in marketing and communication, graphic designers and technicians. Our goal is to create attractive graphics products, functional and responsive to the expectations and needs of the customer.

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