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10 software for graphic design and desktop publishing on Wisely  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

The field of Desktop Publishing binds not just with the open-source. As the years have sought alternative solutions to the most noble of the software industry (ranging from Mac to Windows) I have not found anything as good. At least not for the professional and advanced amateur.Bean un editor di testi gratuito per OsX Not that there are no free projects, in fact, those are there and I am going to descriverveli, but just are not up to it. As for OpenOffice: all I can say that it is exactly like Office, but it is not true. Of course it is free, it is complete, it is efficient (although aesthetically questionable), but if you try to work in a slightly evolved or exchange documents with MS Office, the problems begin (subliminal message: use iWork which is better). Let me be clear, I'm not 'complaining, of course are open-source applications. I'm just saying in this area with only free software applications you do everything, but you do not do well and especially not without problems. On top of that many times you use applications that you do not really need.fontexplorer gestisce fonts anteprima stampa attiva disattiva free font manager I've seen people fire up Photoshop and wait 2 minutes for loading only resize an image (something that is done very well with preview). For this reason I believe that we all users must realize what they really use applications (perhaps trying the trial) because very often there are highly economical software that do just what we need and well. For this reason, in the next few days I will introduce two applications for economic 2d graphics, which I use regularly as a replacement for Photoshop.

I would not have you discouraged! We see the great free apps for graphics, design and desktop publishing compatible with Snow Leopard.

word processor semplice e gratuito Bean word processor free and simple
On a Mac to create a text document is not a problem. Very often just the good TextEdit, which with its RTF allows you to do a bit 'of everything, as well as being quick and easy. But when there is the need to prepare documents a bit 'more complex, with notes in the footer, and more, we need a word processor. Among the commercial solutions we have Word of the suite Microsoft Office 2009 (heavy, slow, with an confusissima and full of bugs), and Pages, which is part of Apple's iWork '09 (fast and convenient, but still a fee). OpenOffice (and NeoOffice) both free, are true suites, in addition to word processors also have the spreadsheet, presentations and more. And both of the interfaces also poorly integrated with the Mac Bean instead is a free little program, slender and in Italian, which allows us to create good documents, all in perfect style mac. It also opens and saves files as well. Doc with a reasonable level of compatibility, good for simple documents, a little 'less complex ones.

utily di estrazione del colore Colored utily extraction of color
It is a simple application that brings out the color palette from an image. It is very useful to harmonize documents comprising text and photos to avoid using shades of color low affinity. It also allows you to save the color palette and those just wanting to get websafe (useful for web design). Also on the application site, there are two pages with a few images (and even less text) offers a brief but nice smattering of theory and psychology of color.

ridimensiona al volo le immagini DropFix resize images on the fly
This program is trivial and useful. After running it, you can specify a target size for images (in percentage or pixels) and the output format. At this point, just drag an image on its icon in the Dock to resize it in a flash. Really simple to use and very handy when you have to continuously publish content that should not exceed a given size. Or to resize for the web large amounts of images in one fell swoop. Useful.


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