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Top 10 Blogs marketing beginners most misunderstood concept text / gray Marigold

Aspiring to learn internet marketing,blogs,marketing,marketing racquet,but suffer from lack of time,or learning difficulties,and now "non-tribal design" team,but also acts as a trustee. Us to help or assist you to build your own Internet Business.

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First,the search engine ranking order of importance.

Search engines can not find,it means success,If you are unable to find their own within three rankings,in fact,there is about the same with no.

Second,the keyword is not there on the line.

Not to sell "clothes",as long as there is "clothes" the word appears,it means the right.In fact,clothes,for example,must contain more words,such as "men","women","clothing","clothing",etc. ..

Third,blog name / site name,can be ranked a search engine,it is only natural,rather than success. .

Name inherently less likely to repeat and unique,so it is easy to be ranked on the first page,or even the first.

For example,enter McDonald's,of course,McDonald's will appear on the first page,because the world is only one company named McDonald,conversely,if you enter the name of your site,but can not appear in the first page of the first one,that is failure failure.

Four,not just a set of keywords

Computer,for example,usually people may use "computer" when the keyword,but actually want to buy a computer for guests,but would not necessarily go to the computer as a keyword search.

For example,the "Quad-core","alone significantly desk machine","gaming machine",and so on,which is not even mentioned in the computer at all.

Therefore,to properly build out their products cover a wide range of keywords.

Five,the keyword is not exactly the same in order to be searched.

Facebook to face book,if we adopted the "face book" When the keyword,visitors enter "Facebook face book, " as can be found,but generally,the comparative rankings behind.


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