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Corporate Identity - Graphic Design Agency MUM Luxembourg  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

The starting point of the entire visual corporate communication is the graphical corporate identity (CI), or the corporate design.

Logo Design and Corporate Design

MUM designed and created for you graphic image so that it is unique,memorable and meaningful.The most important part of your corporate design is the company logo.A good logo makes for the desired recognition effect and makes the values ​​of your company visible and tangible without words.

  1. Design or redesign of logos,logotypes,trademarks Image

  2. Determination of names,slogans & Taglines

  3. Defining the corporate type, fonts & colors

  4. Design of business documents (correspondence,letterhead,business cards,stationery )

  5. Development of design guides, style guides and logo kits

Media Design

Always a good idea imaginative

In times of digital media explosion,it depends on design creativity and cross-media experience.In our projects,we combine the visual communication skills and digital technology to sustainable communication solutions.Our core competencies include: concept,graphic design,digital art,copywriting,photography,marketing.

Marketing & Communications

You want to actively advertise?Only one target group advertising strategy and sophisticated media planning to ensure cost efficiency and the required commercial return. Learn more about advertising and marketing .


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