Pop Art is prevalent between 1962 and 1965

 August 10, 2017 – 09:23 pm



  • Andrea Zoppolato, founder and CEO of Ubivis Srl, a company that manages the international marketing platform neo. He studied Economics (Bocconi) and Psychology (University of St. Petersburg). In 2010 he returned to Italy after 7 years of living abroad.
  • Tomaso Pisapia, criminal lawyer, blogger, native analog but digital evolution, a partner of the law firm Pisapia and Associates, working with Ahref Foundation.
  • Alessandro Fracassi, entrepreneur. He founded and today still driving MutuiOnline Group, landed on the stock exchange in 2007. He lived in Italy and the USA. And 'member of the Advisory Board of the MIT Sloan School of Management and has over the years supported the creation of several start-ups.
  • Babette Riefenstahl, Riefenstahl-study Brizzi, operates in the areas of interior design, the outfit, design and furniture for 15 years.
  • Duilio Forte, Swedish-born artist Italo, promotes the excitement of space through sculpture and architectural dimension that privilege.


Contents: Or the name of "pop art", "new realism." It uses some of the most daring actions certainly something no artistic composition for the arts, but also directly from life starting into the art of living things. US-centric, paintings focus on the re-creation, for the performance of the times, without regard to traditional art eternal value. Is a product of extreme industrialization, commodity image as a wave of painting performance materials, selection of industrial products and politics, celebrities and other images of people as the theme, symbolizing American stereotyped, repeated again and again in real life.

Pop Art is prevalent between 1962 and 1965 in the international art nouveau, its purpose is to oppose since 1920, the German Bauhaus developed as the center of modernist design tradition. Ideological roots of this movement, in fact, from the American popular culture comes from. Then British popular culture from the United States to be inspired, these effects include Hollywood movies, rock and roll, consumer culture and so on. And "Pop Art" is the term in 1954 in London by young British art critic Lawrence Alloway (Lawrence ‧ A Luowei) proposed. Alloway mentioned Pop Art, means of advertising in magazines, posters and a large cinema outside posters, and then people give it a very different meaning. Pop Art first appeared in 1961 in the United Kingdom; 1962 reached the United States. It quickly spread to the United States developed and officially become an art movement.

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