The main interface of Blender

 August 10, 2017 – 09:40 pm

Now that you have installed your new software for drawing in 3D for free, you just have to start to familiarize yourself with the controls.To do this,you should read the manual for Blender in Italian Kino3D downloaded from the website,by clicking here .400 pages are really very helpful with all the descriptions of the commands in both English and Italian.

Alternatively,you can go to Google and search for Blender guides in Italian or connect to YouTube and view the many video tutorials for the program loaded from more experienced users.

The main interface of Blender is divided into three main parts: the ribbon menu at the top,the center screen where you can create and edit your own three-dimensional models and the panel placed at the bottom with all the tools to create and modify elements in three dimensions.

This is because, Photo & Graphic Designer a "light" version of Xara Designer Pro (formerly Xara, a company that was acquired by Magix) is as it were. Xara time was many years ago, the first vector-based graphic software, which knew how to combine vector and pixel-based elements, typically by vector shapes already could fill with transparency gradients, for example, one there. This was back when Xara came out, no other program: Vector shapes were just vector graphics programs, transparency, gradients, however Reserved pixel-based graphics programs, and these two worlds mingled did not then, but were clearly kept apart. Xara Dolphus was very innovative, and Xara Designer Pro is still a very good software, just like his offspring Magix MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer or Web Designer.

So you consider to what kind of software it is actually here, my judgment is very positive: There is a very nice software that lets you design multipage print and Web documents graphically very extensive and beautiful and can edit. Excellent ideas (such as the color scheme or the principle of non-destructive image editing) have been well implemented. In the operation of course getting used to, because since the software is quite extensive, it probably has a similar training period such as Adobe Photoshop.

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