Graphic and web designer with applications

 August 10, 2017 – 09:47 pm

Graphic and web designer with applications in architecture and design; • Strong talented graphic and web design; • Basic knowledge in the production of 3D animation and the use of video editing software and photo exhibitions; • Knowledge of Photoshop, adobe illustrator, and other graphics programs; • Ability to work in a group and the group.

Il candidato, dopo un breve periodo di inserimento, dovrà essere in grado di dimostrare responsabilità e rapida esecuzione degli incarichi assegnati, producendo il materiale richiesto nelle modalità e tempistiche concordate. The application must be sent exclusively by e - mail at, enclosing:

• Curriculum vitae et studio rum with photos and contact details to be contacted (e - mail and telephone) • Brief letter of introduction; • Portfolio work done.

Applications which do not meet the criteria will not be viewed.

PhotoShop or ImageReady subsidiary programs can be produced.2.jpg Since today a student asked how to use PhotoShop make GIF, so this paper to PhotoShop for teaching demonstration it!

Mentioned above, in the early versions of PhotoShop, there is a specially crafted GIF animation ImageReady program, but the current version has not, so we have to be directly produced in PhotoShop.3.jpg

◎ complete example:

1 first prepare some "same length and width dimensions, resolution, same but different contents, " the picture, in which the design is simple to prepare Lan wrote 123 three pictures.

2 Use the "Toolbox" → "Move Tool" + SHIFT keys, respectively, and a synthesis of the two to three in the middle.4.jpg

3 When finished you can see in the Layers panel have a total of three layers.

4 Perform "Window" → "Animation" to open the animation panel.

5 Turn on the panel following screen will appear, and there will be the first frame has occurred and shows the 1st picture.

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