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Offers for those who want to work in design  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
5 Tips For Finding A Graphic Design Jobs

The work of the designer, the letter "designer", consists in the realization from the point of view of design, certain artifacts useful for home use, working, etc.. In Italy, therefore, those who work in the field of design is a professional with a range of specialist skills able to determine it from the point of view of the ability and attitude to the design of objects, mainly for indoor use.

Useful websites to find a job as a designer

It is true that we should not worry because, to hear the Prime Minister Monti we do not run the most risk of getting into an office and stay there forever. However, the office that we take is first found. In this direction we find solace in the technology, by means of internet sites, allows us to facilitate research and to find in a time much less all those jobs that once were or hearsay, or turning newsstands per thousand and a thousand magazines ads.

Farewell then to the old magazine ads: the internet now has routed thanks to the almost null cost of advertisements and much, more, chances of spreading that the network can achieve. Among the sites most famous Italian in the field of job offers, we definitely Trovolavoro (annex building of the Corriere della Sera), JobisJob, carrerjet, infojobs and countless other sub-sites of most known for anything else.

In which regions are required graphic artists and designers

Operators specialized in graphics can find a higher concentration of vacancies in their specific field, especially in areas of Rome and Milan, with a concentration of less requests, but still present, in the centers of Turin, Verona, Modena, Padua, Florence , Lucca and Vicenza. Offers almost nil in the South, with the exception of Naples.

The vacancies in the field of design require, of course, specialized skills in the various photo and video editing programs (Photoshop, illustrator, indesign), and, more or less indirectly, therefore, the diploma of high school for graphic and advertising.

While jobs in Milan are somehow a little bit more "stable" and often linked to the world of television or fashion, those of Rome have greater relevance on type events exhibition: therefore require more or less occasional collaborations (as marked by fixed frequency of at least once a week, on average) and often a greater adaptability and speed in the work.

Requirements for job design

Proponents of job offers in the field of design, research, therefore, professionals skilled in the design of artifacts intended for different types of use, depending on the specialization of the subject. In fact, they can access to job design those who have followed university courses Degree, thus receiving special training and qualification of Doctor of industrial design, belonging to Class 42, of the Degrees in theories and methods of industrial design - and 103 / S Class of second degrees in theories and methods of industrial design.


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