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Graphic designer thinks a job title that is not protected and therefore not tied to a specific title or an education. Especially to private art schools with the tools taught for a career as a graphic designer.

Graphic Designer - Objective and action

Graphic designers create information that is conveyed in the media, according to visual and aesthetic point of view, to attract attention to the readers or viewers. Mainly in advertising and public relations firms and cultural institutions fulfill graphic designers play an important role in communicating with customers or the public. They also shape the corporate identity (appearance) of a company in a long cooperation.

The activities of the graphic designer and the benefits for the company:

Graphic design wins in recent times, especially in the new electronic media is becoming increasingly important. Then there are the traditional print media such as newspapers, magazines and books as well as the performances of companies in the market that need to occur through a unique logo, which has been mostly developed and designed by a graphic designer.

Through the use of a graphic designer a company receives a so-called office equipment with a unified logo, distinctive appearance on the market. This ensures a recognition among the customers on the business card, a letterhead or promotional appearance on the show as well as in leaf litter and display. The graphic designer to act as an interface to printing or advertising agencies and, by its usually excellent contacts with these industries achieve favorable terms for the company.

Often the appearance of the exhibition theme or slogan is specially adapted for the exhibition stand of a company. Other companies present different every year, but preserve the corporate identity. It makes sense, the same graphic designer or the same agency with the ongoing redesign of the exhibition designs to commission.

There are now a variety of freelance graphic designers on the market, so that the service is financially viable; often offer specially in the field of electronic media students at their quite professional services at very reasonable prices. The federal government is a German graphic designer criterion, information can be found at .


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