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 August 10, 2017 – 09:48 pm

With over 100, 000 users, Piktochart is one of the best current online tools to create "WOW graphics!" The tool is easy to handle and the results are of high quality. In the free version, the tool provides a simple editor to use and very intuitive.infogram screen Top 5 des outils pour concevoir une infographie web Editing content is done using a simple drag / drop (drag and drop). The duties are varied and useful (color management, rotation, opacity control, group of items, multiple selection, duplication of elements ...).

In terms of ranking and visibility of content, Piktochart offers an answer to all those who asked the question: "And how I reference my graphics and the information it contains? "Until now, computer graphics editors usually added text describing the graphics and highlighting key information. Now, the graphics created using Piktochart integrate interactive layer that will allow search engines to analyze and reference content infographics!easelly screen Top 5 des outils pour concevoir une infographie web In the free version, features and tools Piktochart (themes, image banks, customization, hosting ...) are limited compared to paid versions.

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Info.gram is a tool for the creation, discovery and sharing of interactive charts and graphics. You can choose from several templates to create an infographic. Then add the data and customize the graphics before sharing on social networks and publish on its website or blog. Since February 2013, already more than 400, 000 graphics that have been achieved through the tool. In a few minutes it is possible to make an infographic: The data can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV then configured in the tool. In terms of features, note that the user can change text, fonts (size, type, color ...), include photos, graphics and even video! The graphics and graphics created Info.gram are hosted on a server. In a word, a tool EXTRA not miss.

Provides visual path editing tools to edit shapes. With it, you can create the most unique shapes, symbols or text.
‧ Support for more than hundreds of dash styles stroking shapes.
‧ Each drawing elements is painted very smoothly. So, you can get professional-looking design, when they are translated into print.
Like one greate image editor program that supports strongly layer editing.
‧ fully support alpha blending. Each layer of the object can include an alpha channel. Vector objects can be filled or storked different transparency levels.

Pre-designed templates, drawing elements ‧ Select from attractive publication templates and customize your text and symbols, creating a stunning design.
‧ providing thousands of pre-defined backgrounds, symbols, shapes, gradient style, textures and clipart images.
In addition, all common image formats support, so you can use your own pictures, logos and clip art for you to design the perfect custom business publications.

‧ easy to design the application's interface is attractive and intuitive.
‧ anywhere restore and redo.
‧ Using moving the mouse button, you can create, move, resize or rotate each drawing objects, visualization and freedom.

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