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American fashion design IDA Award news clippings. (Industrial and Commercial Design)  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

American Design Awards IDA Taiwan University graduate wins two goldAmerican fashion design IDA Award news clippings.(Industrial and Commercial Design)

American Design Awards IDA Taiwan University graduate wins two gold

United Evening News reporter Yan Wenting ╱ ╱ Taipei】

李珮雯 to "" Cloudist "and so beings, " the cloud shapes applied to Lady Gaga,Marilyn Monroe,Carmen,Hitler and other celebrities who showed everyone in the virtual world can be transformed identity.Photo courtesy / NTUST

Taiwanese students once again in the international design awards for success,Taiwan University of Technology graduate 李珮雯 Huang Cong Min,attended the U.S. IDA International Design Award,respectively,won the gold medal in the Graphic Design category,the winning 李珮雯 was "Cloudist",the people imagine in internet cloud world,have multiple identities can change at any time.Huang Tsung-min,"Don't Tell" is presented under the declining birthrate children,take the road are the parents arranged road,unable to express their true thoughts.

American Design Awards IDA,unlike iF,Reddot Design Competition,the world's four major industries,emphasis on trendy topics and visual design.Last year,for the first time to participate on NTUST students get a gold,2 silver and 3 bronze achievements to new heights this year,to get 2 gold,4 silver.Celebrity dress up virtual cloud satirical design award for America

According to the U.S. IDA winners published on the website,total Taiwanese students won three gold,in addition to 李珮雯 Cong Min and yellow outside,studying Taiwan's Kai Zhan USTC to "Unknown Band" album packaging design won a gold medal.

李珮雯 inspiration comes from the Internet,she found that many people would disguise themselves in the virtual world,and even have multiple identities,so the design of the network as a cloud,and the cloud shape will turn into Lady Gaga,Hitler,or Confucius,etc. ,showing the virtual world changeable.Currently 李珮雯 has completed 25 celebrities living creatures,she said,the target to produce 99 characters.

Huang Cong Min's work is realistic rendering a child's face been beaten,his mouth still close to the "Don't Tell, " the note.Huang Cong Min,said: "When I saw the mainland tiger dad to education and training of child maltreatment,I feel this is a very twisted way of education,but they become a celebrity,so want to use graphic design to present this phenomenon."

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Cloud FACES satirical hypocritical for America IDA Awards

China Times Huqing Hui / Taipei

Taiwanese students success in the international design award re!Taiwan University Graduate 李珮雯,Huang Cong Min recently participated in the U.S. IDA International Design Awards,won two classes in graphic design gold. 李珮雯 a "Cloudist (and so beings)" mocking the modern world in the cloud easily camouflage,yellow Cong Min "Don't Tell (boo!)" To silence children highlights domestic violence.


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