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My name is Mauro Olivieri, I am an associate professor of electronic engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where I teach the courses "Digital Electronics", "Integrated Systems Architectures 1" and "Integrated Systems Architectures 2". I lived about 30 years in Genoa, in the north-west coast of Italy, and Have Been living over 12 years between Genoa and Rome.

Several students tell stories about me periodically on the basis of what they can find on the Internet. Unfortunately Often they fall on some homonym, getting misleading information. Therefore, here I collect some real information on myself.

Born in Genoa, Liguria region, Italy.
Grown up in a working class family and area, in the west side of the city.
Used to go on scooters since the age of 14. Until 19-20 years old, used to go to the beach every day in summer.
In the 80's, at Liceo Scientifico high school. High school Diploma with 60/60 marks.
Enrolled University of Genoa in November 1986. Master's Degree (5-years degree) in July 1991 cum laude.
From 1991 to 1994 PhD Student (Doctorate) in Genoa. During That period, military service from Oct 92 to Oct 93, simple soldier.
In the 90's, consultancy and training activity for various firms related to VLSI design: such as Mentor Graphics and Texas Instruments.
From 1995 to 1998 Assistant Professor at University of Genoa.
From 1998 Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome.
Inglese I learned at school and in my job. I am not fond of team sports, especially soccer. I learned skiing at the age of 6, and still go skiing once a year. The Practiced several martial arts (judo, aikido, Shorinji kempo, shinkido).
I am christian catholic. Interested in far-east phylosophies, not much religions.
I love cats.
I love singing, and I sing very well. I occasionally sing in a gospel choir as a tenor / barithone.
Favourite music: almost everything. I especially like American musicals, American gospel music, and some Italian authors.
Favourite poets: Giacomo Leopardi, Giuseppe Ungaretti.
Favourite food: no specific one.
Favourite place to live: no specific one.
I am celiac (or celiac). Coeliac disease (or celiac disease celiac or simply) is a genetic disease That Prevents you from eating any food containing gluten: such as pasta, bread, pizza, beer. All These Things exist in a gluten-free form, so there is no great problem in a celiac lifestyle.
I like traveling, though I have not traveled so much for some years now. Among places I visited for work or tourism: most parts of the Italian Alps, Normandy and Brittany in France, Central and Southern Germany, Southern Spain, Northern Spain, Lisbon area in Portugal, Southern England, Eastern and Western Ireland, Oslo area in Norway , Gothenburg area in Sweden, Helsinki in Finland, Athens and Santorini and Samos islands in Greece, Denver, Colorado, New York City (Manhattan), Niagara Falls, Ontario Lake area in New York state, in Austin, Texas, Sidney area in Australia, Osaka and Kobe area in Japan, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I will not put here All Those boring photos of myself traveling.
Good things about Genoa, my birthplace: everywhere the sea, the mountains behind the sea. The medieval center, provided you beware of crime. The material character of people (personal opinion, of course).
Good things about Rome, my present city: a patchwork of art and entertainment. But no sea.


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