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DSpace ─ 104 Job Bank  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

DSpace is Asia's most professional branded content database company, combined with several publicly traded electronics company directors to shareholders, in the most strong technical and service teams to provide services and look forward to your ambitious , together with us to create Asia's largest and has the most complete database company.

Huayi successfully build a database, won several national awards:
* Medicine and Life Sciences Library * Library * Social Sciences Applied Science Library * Library * Natural Science Humanities Library * Library * Forbidden art world online database * National Taiwan University Theses Database * Chinese books database

Digital content industry and biotechnology industry has been listed as the government is the focus of the next phase of industrial upgrading foster industry, Honor was awarded the National Science Council and a number of industry-university cooperation programs to support creative bonus, now with the University of Cooperative Education in Taiwan developed a number of products underlying technology, the development of product markets expand and Taiwan, mainland China, the United States first-class universities and research institutions.

Newly established Office: Yonghe City, Taipei County, Chenggong Road, 18th Floor, No. 80, paragraph

Jobs List

Job Category (informal) Region (informal) Yonghe District, New Taipei City

2年以上工作經歷,大學以上學歷 0 to 5 candidates two years work experience, college degree or above

1 college graduation, two years systems analysis (SA) or system design (SD) experience. 2 cooked UML system analysis and design, and SQL Server database planning and design. 3. Possess any kind of UML system analysis tool uses technical competence and experience is a plus. ...

3年以上工作經歷,專科、大學、碩士學歷 6 to 10 people apply for three years work experience, college, university, master's degree

An e-commerce website activity, business case writing and marketing planning and implementation; membership development and operation. (2) product promotion and marketing campaign planning routine. 3 cross-sector cooperation program planning and implementation. 4 with issues marketing capabilities, and can independently complete Internet marketing project and subsequent execution. 5 Its ...

1年以上工作經歷,高中、專科、大學、碩士學歷 11 to 30 people apply for more than one year work experience, high school, college, university, master's degree

A familiar art editing, graphic design, cover design related tasks. 2 can operate editing software, cooked indisign, AI software, etc.. 3 typesetting experience with publications.


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