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Discovering Blender 3D graphic design | Digital Learning  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

Discovering Blender,3D graphics

In our special commitment to free software,and now it is ending the 1st edition of the Graphic Design course with Inkscape supervised by Joaquín Herrera (Joaclint Istgud) ,we continue to work with him,to launch new courses on design tools and graphic animation as Gimp ,Blender ... Blender?

It is true that for many professionals including 2D and 3D world who regularly work with expensive programs (or unpaid leave,but on the basis of cracks,patches,and other practices not advisable),Blender Chinese sounds,and can tell you serves the same they are doing,they think that the functionality will be limited.

Blender is a software specially dedicated to modeling,animation and three-dimensional graphics,which has the great advantage of being free software and compatible with most current operating systems.Despite being a tool not yet well known by professionals in general,and has been used to create jobs in modeling and animation of high quality,as the film Plumíferos the scenes preview of Spider-Man 2 or numerous short films,as Sintel,produced by the Blender Institute:

One of the reluctance of users or programs like 3DStudio Autocad3D have to face when Blender is the very fear of the unknown,and the belief that it can not compete with those programs in meeting their objectives.Another complaint I often make when opening the program is that the interface is slightly different,but when fully customizable menus distribute.
Given these concerns,we introduce some of its features or advantages (collected on the network,and learned from our experience using the program),and add the idea that almost everything can be done in Blender,so branches professionals as diverse as Engineering,Animation,Architecture or Graphic Design can feel fully satisfied with their use

  • It is a free and open software,in addition to platform
  • Program size is considerably smaller than other "giants" of 3D as Autocad or 3ds Max.
  • It accommodates a variety of geometric primitives,of course including curves,polygon meshes or empty.
  • Along with the animation tools,including inverse kinematics,deformation,load vertices,dynamic particles,etc ...
  • We can integrate you powerful tools for ray-trace as kerkythea or Yafrid.
  • Allows editing audio and video synchronization.Imagen del cortometraje Sintel,hecho con Blender
  • Blender accepted graphic formats such as TGA,JPG,Iris,SGI,or TIFF.
  • 3D game engine integrated with a set of logic bricks.For more control is used Python programming language,with which tasks can also be automated.
  • Dynamic simulations for softbodies,particles and fluids.
  • Static particle system to simulate hair and fur,which has added new properties from the options to achieve realistic textures shaders.

With all this and many more features,any professional in these fields can achieve their goals with Blender,saving high licensing costs and can access a wide variety of websites and user communities ,where obtaining documentation,help,work to download and reuse and so on.

We hope to offer soon,in collaboration with Joaclint,this exciting online training tool,and of course,we encourage you to comenteis any need or suggestion you have about this topic.

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