Technology of making candles for Romans

 August 10, 2017 – 02:25 pm
In the previous article, the store Color-it, where you can buy balloons in bulk and steal your holiday, on your birthday or other holiday, you will find gift bags in bulk and other necessary goods for the holiday in bulk , told about the first candles and what they were. Let's get acquainted and find out how they evolved and became what we are now to their signs. It is customary to think that the technology of making candles takes its roots from Rome. To make the wick burn, twisted papyrus dipped in a liquid composition consisting of fat. The candles of the Romans were very common. They lit up the houses, necessarily lit during a religious ceremony, travelers used candles on the road. This production technology has been for centuries, since fat was easy to get and its price was low enough. Many historians have repeatedly come across all sorts of evidence that many people used their candles in bulk . For their production, funds were used that were available by hand, like plants or different insects, etc.

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