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 August 10, 2017 – 09:03 pm


AIGA Austin

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3D Design Task Outline Task Description
We are looking for talented designers for our upcoming product / service Banana Island. It will be aa dating service targeted for mobile devices, phones, tablets and desktop. We need the illustration That Should be somewhat banana shaped island with our avatars / mascots talking in chat bubbles, showcasing our service. This will be the first people see When They open our app for the first team aswell and at our website.

Or they specialize in online media, databases, virtual learning programs or websites. Especially the rapid developments in new media pose special requirements "is clearly at an advantage if you bring knowledge of programming languages as a communication designer and understands something of the information architecture of websites. Insights in this area are important when designers and programmers work together to implement a design with electronic media, "says Hecker by Mirco Association of Communications Agencies (GWA). "There is a constant willingness to further expected. The media behavior change. Mobile Internet devices such as the iPhone are being used more frequently. Designers must remain and how information can be displayed on mobile devices on the ball. "

But whether for print or online: Thorough training is recommended for all applications. "Good design often needs a correspondingly good education, even if there are successful career changers, " says Friederike Sobiech of the Alliance of German Designers (AGD). Eileen Hacker, Persona activist at Jung von Matt, confirms this: "For entry as a graphic designer you should bring ideas and craftsmanship 'experiences. Say: A completed training as a media designer or a successful degree from a University of the first experiences through internships. After all, the popular graphics programs must be perfectly controlled to also implement their own ideas. In addition to this expertise, but mainly include curiosity, creative flair, cleverness, team spirit, precision, ambition, and of course passion for exceptional and innovative communication. "

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