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Centralizing and perfectionist, inventive and enterprising. This was the profile of the man who created the largest technology company in history, Apple

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Steve Jobs durante um evento especial de divulgação do iPhone 4 na Califórnia, 2010 Steve Jobs during a special event to publicize the iPhone 4 in California, 2010 (Robert Galbraith / Reuters)

There is someone in the world of technology that arouse the same passion that Steve Jobs causes. His admirers before a select group of Mac users, can currently be found between young and old, rich and poor, experts and neophytes - a fruit of the success of iPod, iPhone and iPad. The words of the inventive genius were heard by thousands carefully connected to the internet every presentation of a new product that no one knew existed, but which, from its appearance, became an item "necessary" or even "vital". At the same time, Jobs was known as a boss extremely demanding, sometimes cruel, a perfectionist who, according to legend, came to lay off employees in the elevator of the company because they were slow to respond to an inquiry about a product in development.

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"My work
not be easy with people but make them better "

Steve Jobs

Jobs was not an engineer, designer or manager of companies formed by a university. Still, managed to create innovative and aesthetically imitated throughout the competition, and has taken the company that helped create the bankruptcy, turning it into one of the most profitable and lucrative in the world. Maybe this is the answer to your success: instead of thinking like a technician, he saw the world through the prism of the user. "Jobs could talk to people as equals, without that technical discourse, boring, " says Eric Johnson, the founder and director of Ironfire Capital, an investment company.

Steven Paul Jobs was adopted. His adoptive parents had to promise that the boy cursaria college to be able to stay with him. Despite their efforts, the boy gave up studying six months after joining Reed College, a liberal university in Portland, Oregon. Decided to travel to India (Jobs is Buddhist), and back to California, joined Steve Wozniak to found Apple, becoming the youngest billionaire in the computer industry, kicked the company that created, set up a new company (which failed), buy a 3D animation studio (which became Pixar), back to Apple and change the lives of all of us with the products they helped create during the last decade.


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