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Free Software

Here (you will, as you go remembering to add or discovering new things) a list of free programs in design are not all they are ... but they all are. The goal is not only to list the programs sites in each section try to include links to interesting pages related to each. If you know more programs and more sites, please send me the info, this page allows comments. Design Program


The image manipulation program for excellence in the world of free software.
Easy to download and install on windows, and almost impossible for your version of Linux do not take it as standard.


Gimp plugin registry is the official (and gnu / linux is a package even easier to install) where to find plugins, filters and scripts with which extend the capabilities of Gimp.

G'MIC is a collection of powerful scripts that complement and enhance the capabilities of Gimp. Another essential added GNU program editing bitmaps most famous.

If Gimp and you think well, imagine that you also enhance the capabilities of illustration. That's what happens with Gimp Paint Studio.
From Gimp 2.8, GIMP brushes PAINT STUDIO are incorporated in the program without having to download them from any site.

28 classes (for now) mainly based graphic design in this program

and one of the queens of Gimp, Maria Leandro, alias "tatica", aims to complete the monumental task of making 100 podcasts tutorials on Gimp. Going for 35, all good and all levels.

Belonging to the community OpenDesktop , like inkscapestuff and scribusstuff , is a good place to find filters, plugins, brushes, gradients ... and other resources shared with other programs such as fonts or images.


There are more software vector design, free and proprietary. But for my taste, this one takes the cake and my heart hairy. Multiplatform, and though divinely works on Windows, GNU and is a rocket.


Over a hundred mini-tutorials to learn the techniques and tricks Inkscape most interesting, in an entertaining and really fast: the videos rarely reach 8 minutes.


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