Modernism is a cultural renewal movement

 August 10, 2017 – 09:06 pm

Modernism is a cultural renewal movement manifested in the work of artists from various countries in Europe and Latin America, for it was the first cultural phenomenon "international" because their varied manifestations developed in two continents with clear links among these.platero5

, aunque este estilo estuviera inspirado en el medievo europeo y los mitos grecolatinos. The literary modernism was driven by the Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario. Until then the ideas and fashions were developed in the Court of any dominant power flowed from Europe to the rest of the world is the first time it happens in reverse. European Taste is conquered by a led by a Latin American style, but this style was inspired by the European Middle Ages and Greco-Roman myths.

The : Art nouveau (arte nuevo), Jungenstile, Modern Style , Liberty etc... Denominaciones que recogen el carácter preciosista, novedoso, joven, libre y cosmopolita que es común a los autores que pueden adscribirse a este movimiento. artistic modernism receive specific names in languages: Art Nouveau (new art), Jungenstile, Modern Style, Liberty etc ... names that reflect the precious nature, new, young, free and cosmopolitan city that is common to the authors that they fall into this movement.

On Thursday,21March has Ralph Gilles ,Senior Vice President of Product Design,President and CEO of SRT (Street and Racing Technology) Fire and Motorsports at Chrysler Group LLC,the word.Gilles regarded as the head of some of the most innovative products of his company.RVG at SL He will give and explain how GPUs can be used to improve each step in the process of automotive development a glimpse behind the scenes of the automotive industry - from the initial concept design and development phases of the assembly to marketing.Gilles also talks about how the Chrysler Group uses GPUs and the latest technologies to build better,safer cars and to shorten time to market.

"The GTC is the single most important event for professionals who use GPUs to improve their work, " says Ujesh Desai,vice president of corporate marketing at NVIDIA. "Our vision in designing the GTC is to give professionals a platform was to share their research with their peers - the GTC 2013 will be the most successful so far. "

Read on for more about the GTC 2013,and on other keynote speakers in English:

About the GTC 2013 Keynote Speakers Guest
Erez Lieberman Aiden is an assistant professor in the Department of Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine and in the Department of Computer Science of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University.He is therefore the principal investigator at the CUDA Center of Excellence at Baylor and Rice University,and a fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows .He recently invented a method for 3D genome sequencing ,working with a team did created the first three-dimensional map of the human genome in 2009.

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