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Portraits of North American Indians: Eric Klemm: Books  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
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"Silent Warriors" silent warriors, assembled 149 images and has become a great book. - The mirror, 2.11.2009 Prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless people: Three years of German Eric Klemm photographed the lives of Indians of North America - and came across a lot of losers. Its fantastic portrait series "Silent Warriors" looks deep into the so injured as proud soul of the natives. ... Klemm's work, the prognosis is not very bold, will soon be considered a classic of Indian photography, portrait photography, maybe ever. - Spiegel Online, 6.11.2009


More than 100 years after Edward Curtiss' work on the "Great Warriors", Eric Klemm continued did historical work by photographing as many members of the devastated tribes of North American Indians as he Could find. No longer yet quietly heroic warriors, thesis ordinary people are survivors who refused to give up Their culture and thereby give birth to a future. Eric Klemm, born 1939 in Germany, now lives and works on Salt Spring Iceland near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.After first studying graphic design, he turned seriously to photography in year 1968. Terminal has been affiliated with the legendary German magazine "Twen" in the seventies and Contributed to top German magazines: such as "Star", "girlfriend", "parents", "Time Magazine" and the German edition of "Playboy". During this period, he published four books and Became a member of German Society for Photography. In 1999, he began painting, Which has Strongly Influenced his aesthetic. His new photographic work has been shown Widely.


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