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Kaohsiung Ruichuang collection software technology Dott station? Graphic design software download  September 22, 2011 – 00:00

Stop child responsibilities:

1. As Dott download station (, site navigation, community and other products and interactive user interface and improved operational processes envisaged;

(2) participation envisaged experience, process development and standards.


1, and fond of networking, passion conceived, has a broad outlook and cosmopolitan vision vision vision;

Kaohsiung Ruichuang collect Technology (Dott software station? Graphic design software download, three-dimensional design software downloads, strong stereoscopic vision to conceive fundamental and pages, imagine childish thinking, dull colors, attention to details of the deal;

3, can be conceived as independent tasks, can respond to high-intensity tasks and link optimistic energy;

4, two years of relevant industry experience tasks related jobs;

5. There are a large collection companies, software download site and other industries experience preferred thinking;

6. There are success stories, please supply twelve pages than contented works.

E-mail your resume delivery:, please indicate from the "blue vision."

Kaohsiung Ruichuang collect unlimited Technologies AG is a company focused on web applications and software to open up a high old craft enterprises.

Swiss record company was founded in January 2006, is located in state-level software park - Kaohsiung Park Pudong Lujiazui hardware, equipment available, and convenient transportation.

Ruichuang collection is the high old craft enterprises Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung software enterprises, scientific research institutions, Pudong units in 2010 named Kaohsiung small giant enterprises, the 2010 World Expo in Kaohsiung cultural acts co unit;'s products won the Kaohsiung benefit funds and parting state-level benefits fund Zen parcels, won the 2345 site navigation network in 2010 promulgated by the Institute of Taiwan's most valuable product and act award. "

Company focused on web applications and software to open, with a high degree of scientific research units. With in-depth understanding of the network and excellent operational skills, founded five years, the company has been rapid growth, product cage cover across 50 million web users, expenses and profits in order are over 100% per year rate of growth .


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